Adopt-a-Burner is up for Adoption!

Oct 7, 2019

Do you think it’s important to acculturate our newbies? Are you keen to help connect first timers with experienced Burners? Then Adopt-a-Burner needs you!

Adopt-a-Burner is a community organised programme which ran for the first time in 2018 for people going to Kiwiburn. New and old Burners who were keen to be involved filled out surveys about themselves, and a super high tech computer program matched pairs of people interested in similar stuff. In the lead up to the event, adopters answered their adoptees questions to help them prepare for their first Burn, and they also taught them all about the Ten Guiding Principles and Burn magic. This was super helpful to keep new Burners informed about what makes a Burn special and how to be a positive part of our awesome community!

Adopt-a-Burner needs a person, or two, to take over and run it for 2020 and beyond! All the AaB resources will be at your disposal, including:

  • the surveys
  • matching program
  • Facebook group
  • email address
  • and as much help as you need from the founder (hi!). 

You can continue to use the MATLAB matching program as it is, rewrite it and improve it, or switch it up and do something entirely new, it’s up to you!

The ideal person/people to run Adopt-a-Burner would have a bit of technological nous, a couple of free hours a week, and most importantly, massive enthusiasm for welcoming and indoctrinating new Burners! Sound like you? Email and let me know that you’re keen!

Adopt-a-Burner is extremely fun and satisfying to run, and a great way to meet Burners old and new while making an awesome contribution to the community. I look forward to hearing from you keen beans!

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