Joining the Kiwiburn Facebook Group

Jun 25, 2018

If you are wanting to join the Group or inviting a friend to join, please answer the two simple questions so the team can add you. It helps the Communications team volunteers know that you’re not a fake profile. Yep, they are still around, though in lesser numbers.

Once you’ve joined, familiarise yourself with the Group guidelines:

  • Before you post, consider whether your post is relevant to Kiwiburn or more suitable for your personal page.
  • Kiwiburn does not tolerate posts abusing other community members, nor those regarding politics, illegal activities (eg drugs), weapons or violence.
  • All inappropriate posts will be removed. 

Yes, it is OK to make a post looking for flatmates, or selling your camper or fundraising. No, it’s not OK to post about your shop or commercial venture. It’s your community page, so remember, be polite, be kind, be helpful.


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