Junior Rangers Recruitment Drive

Jul 31, 2022

Kiwiburn is about community; experiencing, participating, and collaborating as one with like-minded people. “But what about the children? Won’t someone please think of the children!?”, as Helen Lovejoy would say.

We do have the opportunity to provide an amazing experience for those fledgling humans by building on that sense of community and laying the foundations so anyone can become the most epic participant ever. The Junior Rangers and their leaders have been gleefully received at other Burns around the globe, so why not create such a group for Kiwiburn? The main directives are looking after one another, and keeping on top of the “Leave No Trace” ethos; how could this not be a great idea!? The man with the plan is Pete Lumos Wyatt, and he’s had experience running Junior Rangers at both Burning Seed and Modifyre. 

Anybody who is interested in assisting, or has offspring that would like to join the team, click on this!

Image credit: Jupi Lu

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