Keep those 2021 Art Themes a-comin’

Mar 2, 2020

OK Burners, do your worst. You silly-sods can enter as many Art Themes (+ their meanings) as your glorious heart desires and if chosen, your idea will shape Kiwiburn history and inform experiences for thousands of people. WHAT AN HONOUR! Here are some completely original ideas to get you going:

  • The Unicorns are Coming
  • Bring a Plate and Start Crying
  • Strynge
  • The Things You Wanted to do When You Were a Kid But Forgot About*
  • Nirvana
  • Family Picnic
  • Large and Odd Commodification
  • The Next Ten Years

They may sound familiar but trust us, they are completely off the cuff. We are sure you can do a lot better! Read about and submit your ideas here.

*NB: seriously though… not this long.


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