Kiwiburn 2017 tickets are on sale!

Oct 12, 2016

The Robots are Coming… Tickets to Kiwiburn 2017 are now on sale online and instore at Cosmic Ticketing. There are 1300 available from today at NZ$170 + booking fee. Buy your tickets here!
Please note: The children’s ticket process is separate from the adult ticket process so you will need to go through both to ensure you all have a ticket.

There will be another 300 tickets released in early January. For further information on ticketing, please read the Ticketing page on our website.

“Robots of all shapes and sizes, from exotic and strange lands, from the past and the distant, and not so distant future. Many will give into the robotic temptations offered by the invaders. Many will resist, however we all must learn to live together. The robots are coming but don’t be afraid, you will know what to do. They will likely be there to party and learn from you.”

See you on the Paddock!

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