Ticket update for the 2017 event

Sep 30, 2016

116 days until the Man burns! Kiwiburn 2017 tickets go on sale on Wednesday 12 October. There are some significant changes to ticketing so we want you to be prepared.

Firstly, a ticket to Kiwiburn will cost $170 +bf. This is primarily because we’ve been operating on tight budgets for a number of years; this year’s population jump exposed a number of areas in which we need to improve our volunteer support and infrastructure; and new requirements of the HSWA combined with the serious harm incident at this year’s event have led to increases in insurance cost and land usage fees. 

Secondly, the ticketing structure will be flat – there will be no tiers next year; mainly because a tiered system was providing less value to the event than the administration work required to operate it.

To fully understand the reasons for the changes, all the relevant information is in our blogpost. Remember, there is a cap with x1500 tickets available. See you on the Paddock!

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