Kiwiburn 2024 Decadance Ticket Price Announcement

Sep 25, 2023

The much anticipated lottery will be drawn later today, but you might be keen to find out what a coveted ticket will cost?

Well, $exCom has crunched some serious numbers and were superkeen to keep prices as low as possible. Given the cost overruns for Kiwiburn 2023 (mulch anyone?) and general cost increases, the ticket prices for Kiwiburn 2024 Decadance will be $235.37 ($230 plus $5.37 fee). This represents a $10 increase to last year. It was not quite possible to keep the price the same, though every effort was made for Kiwiburn tickets to remain as affordable as possible. 

There is still a tiered approach to ticket number releases to ensure there are enough volunteers for the event to be possible, for more info check out here.

Please note that running at fewer than 2400 participants may represent a significant financial loss for Kiwiburn, so get signing up to be a volunteer! That’s also one way to avoid the lottery, shhhhh. 

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