KYS Paddock Testing Stats

Apr 7, 2024

We’re pretty lucky to have the wonderful Know Your Stuff team on the Paddock each year making sure we’re kept as safe as possible. We’ve got some pretty cool stats from their testing this year to share with you.

  • This year, KYS had a volunteer crew of 28, comprised of a mixture of experienced and trainee crew
  • A total of 240 samples were tested, with MDMA and Ketamine being the most common
  • 92% of samples were consistent with what they were thought to be
  • 4% of samples were not as presumed compared to 7% in 2023
  • 11% of participants said they would not take the substance due to it not being as presumed, with 11% saying maybe
  • 1% of samples were partially consistent with what they were thought to be and 3% of samples were inconclusive

The work of the KYS team has meant that this year there were minimal drug-related harm incidents which is bloody awesome! Amazing work from the community for getting their stuff tested and amazing work from KYS for keeping us safe and in the know.

Image credit: Know Your Stuff NZ

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