Lead Ranger Needed

Sep 25, 2023

Calling all Burner legends! Kiwiburn 2024 is on the lookout for a Lead Ranger. If you fancy yourself a conflict-resolver, are capable of amicably strolling through the Paddock, or you want to live out those Aragorn fantasies of being the mysterious ranger that everyone looks up to, THIS is your moment. 

Are you the guardian Kiwiburn deserves? The one who’ll don the bright green tee and ensure the safety and smiles of our amazing Burner community? 

Now, we’re not saying being a wizard is ESSENTIAL (but it would help), however if you’ve got a heart full of kindness, responsibility, and the courage to uphold our unique community standards, then you just might be our Kiwiburn Lead Ranger! 

But hold your horses, err, eagles! This role is no walk in the Shire. You’ll need to attend some training, wear that nifty green shirt with pride, and, whatever you do, don’t squander the shining reputation of the KB Rangers!

We’re all about life safety, community standards, and conflict resolution. Rangers look out for people, not property. And while we don’t have Gandalf’s staff, we do know how to F.L.A.M.E. 🔥 (Find Out, Listen, Analyze, Mediate/Move Along, Explain) to address any situation. We’re neither police nor security, but we’re the friendly faces in green who ride the edge of chaos, keeping Kiwiburn awesome. 

So, if you’re ready to be the Lead Ranger of Kiwiburn 2024, the hero our Burn deserves, fill out that volunteer form now. Still, have questions? Shoot us an email at BlackSheep@kiwiburn.com.

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