Leftover Love Reminder

Jan 22, 2024

If you missed it in the last issue, we have an exciting new scheme in place: Leftover love!

This year, the Leftover Love team will be collecting (non perishable, sealed) food items to donate to food banks/pantries in the KB region. Less food waste, more regional love.

Bring your extra canned goods (beans, veggies, fruit, tuna etc.) and sealed, packaged dry goods (pastas, snack bars etc.) to us at any of the following:

  • at Gate on the way in
  • volunteers doing camp to camp collections on Sat/Sun arvo
  • on Temple Paddock, pre Temple Burn (a safe and happy distance from the cordon)
  • during Collexodus

The donations will end up with the Taihape Food Bank (who work directly with referred families in need) and the Marton Food Pantry (which is an open community pantry). We’ve talked to both about their needs/requirements and they were stoked at the possibility of donations.

Additionally, if you want to part with any pesky gold during your ice purchases, Depot will be taking gold coin donations for the food banks as well.

If you want to be a Leftover Lover and help collect donations apply to volunteer on site and let us know you are keen to help Sustainability with Leftover Love! 


Image credit: Julia Cameron

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