Lost Property

Feb 8, 2021

Did you lose your marbles on the Paddock or find someone else’s mind (which is now terrifying you and needs to be returned)? Connect the dots at the Kiwiburn Depot’s Lost Property Page. There you can see pictures of All The Things that get handed in and are not collected by the end of the event. The Depot are happy to organise to post it for you if you are not in Wellington, but kindly request you pay for it (preferably in cash, not schmacks).

Remember that the Depot only looks after valuable Lost Property – keys, wallets, licenses, prescription glasses, vapes, etc. Anything else is the responsibility of the Theme Camp it was left at, or the participant who found it – and that’s what the Kiwiburn Facebook group is for! So please feel free to post anything (preferably with pictures) that you found or lost at Kiwiburn. You never know, you might be reunited with your Favourite Thing or make someone’s day, woo-hoo! The page takes an ‘honesty policy’ approach – don’t be a dick and claim something that isn’t yours.

Image taken from the Kiwiburn Lost Property 2021 Facebook page.

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