Burning to help?

Feb 8, 2021

Was it magic? Did it blow your mind? Did you think “I want to help?” or “I wanna be one of those cool kids with the radios?” Are the cockles of your heart still burning with an urge to participate?

We are looking for year-round volunteers to help make Kiwiburn happen again (and again!). Year round volunteers nurture and nudge the Burn towards its fabulous next incarnation – it’s a labour of love, it’s a team of the best, most awesome spirits you will ever meet, and it’s an opportunity to be an integral part of the magic.

Have a look and email volunteer@kiwiburn.com to chat about where you could fit in. 

Different roles require different levels of skill and commitment – if the role you want does not exist, we may create it just for you! 

We love you. JOIN US.

Image credit: Jo Legutko

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