Lottery Stats

Sep 18, 2023

Now that the lottery is closed, we’ve got some juicy stats for y’all!

This year:

  • 2,497 people entered the lottery (last year we had 2,893 entries).
  • You can expect heaps of Theme Camps this year – over 1000 people plan to contribute this way.
  • Over 1000 people also plan on volunteering onsite BUUUUT we still need more year-round volunteers! Check out the available positions here.
  • Less than 500 people who entered the lottery have participated in more than 2 previous Kiwiburn events.
  • There are close to 1200 people who entered the lottery who have never set foot on the Paddock before. This is awesome because it means there will be heaps of exciting new energy so make sure to keep sharing the culture of Kiwiburn, what Consent means, and what the Guiding Principles are all about.
  • We are pretty stoked to see our weekly EFP efforts are not going to waste with spikes in lottery entries on Tuesdays!

The ticket lottery will be drawn next Tuesday, 26 September, so keep an eye on your inbox then!

Image credit: Ignacio Nabulen

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