Crew Kitchen 2iC

Sep 18, 2023

Fancy yourself a bit of a culinary artist? Know how to whip up more than a cold tin of baked beans for brekkie? Can you take a meal idea for 1 and turn it into a spread for 100?

The Crew Kitchen feeds up to 100 hard working volunteers during Kiwiburn and our Kitchen Lead needs a sidekick. Keeping our Crew happy, healthy, and with full bellies is an important and rewarding role. This year, the 2iC will be a bit more of a co-Lead type deal and you must be available to be onsite for the event build (3 weeks prior to gates opening).

If you know your way around a kitchen and have insider knowledge around feeding the masses nutritionally dense, healthy, and tasty AF meals, we want to hear from you! Check out the full job description here and get your application in here.

Image credit: Tim Warren

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