Container Share Kiwiburn – Ignition!

Sep 18, 2023

Save the Planet, Save Some Bucks, and Bring Your Bits and Bobs!

Hey there, fabulous folks of the Kiwiburn and Ignition communities!

We’ve got some news for y’all that will make your annual pilgrimage less of a headache. Kiwiburn and Ignition are joining forces (yes, really) to help get your gear onto the Paddock!

Picture this: a container laden with various people’s heavy, elaborate Theme Camp items that travels from Tamaki Makaurau to Ignition, then straight to Kiwiburn, and back to Tamaki Makaurau.

What’s the catch, you ask? Well, you’ll only pay for the cubic metres of space you need. No more, no less!

Now, we need your input!

  • Are you as psyched as we are about this proposal?
  • How much space would you require? And what’s a fair price in your book?

Let us know, (like, actually let us know, instead of saying nothing then whinging about it in the comments section after a decision has been reached due to lack of response).

Let’s ride the eco-friendly express and get that communal effort going. Stay tuned for more details and be part of the conversation.
Stay beautiful, Burners.

Image credit: AI Art by Dario

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