Meet our new ExCom Secretary!

Oct 4, 2021

As we all know, the ExCom Secretary wields secret and arcane power and makes the world go round (some say literally). And a new person is now stepping into those shoes: Meet Briar, our new Make Things Happen Smoothly person:

Briar’s first experience of Kiwiburn was as a heavily pregnant Rainbow Unicorn at KB2017. She immediately felt at home on the Paddock and has felt a passionate connection to the Burner community and the Principles ever since. This year she decided it was time to give something back by taking on the Secretary role. This involves all the behind-the-scenes paper shuffling! The department also encompasses the amazing Admin and IT Teams who create and manage the systems and processes which empower the other departments to do what they do best. On the Paddock you will find Briar on a dance floor or at The Manifested Terrarium camp. 

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