MOOP Hunters Needed

Jan 23, 2023

Kiwiburn is fast approaching and we’re seeking fun loving volunteers for Leave No Trace to help with the MOOP (matter out of place) sweeps of the Paddock. If you or anyone you know is going to Kiwiburn and wants to get involved, meet the awesome crew, get fed delicious kai, AND take a swim surrounded by natural beauty… tell them we need volunteers for the Leave No Trace team on Exodus day! (Bonus: skip sitting in the Exodus queue!)


If you want to gift your time or know someone who would, please get in touch with the Leave no Trace team. We’ll meet at 1pm on Monday at Centre Camp then walk through the Paddock making jokes and hunting MOOP.


To help us out, please remember: when packing for Kiwiburn, try to bring less packaging, plastic, and glass. Also, collect your coffee grounds and food waste for composting – organic waste is still MOOP, don’t leave it at your camp. If it wasn’t there when you arrived, it shouldn’t be there when you leave!

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