MPW needs a 2IC!

Nov 15, 2022

In recruiting terms for Kiwiburn 23, we’ve hit the wall. The Effigy burns in seventy-four days and MPW doesn’t have a 2IC!

For those of you that don’t know, Kiwiburn doesn’t just burst out of the ground on an annual basis. Nor is it erected by happy-go-lucky leprechauns in the dead of night. It’s constructed by the diligent and industrious magical beings of Kiwiburn’s Ministry of Public Works.

The role calls for people who are committed to constructing a safe, stable and utterly epic infrastructure for your fellow burners to enjoy.  

This includes marking and maintaining access roads, clearing camping areas, building Gate and the Depot, installing all the lighting on gates, restocking and cleaning portos, and placing all signage all over the site! If you have building skills and experience, like to work hard, party hard and listen to power ballads, and have time before the event to set things up, MPW might just be your natural volunteer habitat. All the better if you have some mechanical skills too.

Check out the full job description here, then apply! This is more of a leadership role, but you’ll still need to get your hands dirty!

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