New Shiny Survival Guide

Aug 26, 2019

Updated Survival Guide available now

All you need to know to stay safe, sane (well, within reason) and well during Kiwiburn in 2020! Have a read and make sure you are well acquainted with the morsels of wisdom present.

The Guide has had a complete overhaul for the first time in many years, instead of just band aids here and there. For one, it has doubled in size, literally. The type size is larger so all the information has spread out through the extra pages making it much easier to read. And there are the beautiful photos from Volker Huenert illustrating the Guide – thank you so much for your gift! And thanks to the design team for all your work – you’ve done a truly splendid job. Make sure you read it and memorise all the important information so you are well prepared for Kiwiburn in 2020.

Download the Survival Guide here.

For additional information, check out this (admittedly slightly older movie) on Kiwiburn Safety.

If you have any handy hints or Burner hacks for fellow Kiwiburners, we will add them to the next update of the Guide. Email the team at

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