Effigy. Temple. Effigy. Temple

Aug 26, 2019

Photo of Effigy 2018 by Andy Flint

Deadline for Effigy and Temple submissions 1 September

Have you ever dreamt of building a thing, sharing it with your fellow Burners on the Paddock and then setting it ablaze? This is your year! Get your Effigy and Temple designs submitted and see your creation come to life. It all starts on the back of a beermat, and there are plenty of people to help you get your ducks (or chickens) in line.

Apply to build a Temple, or apply to build an Effigy.

Your Expression of Interest (EOI) needs to include:

  • An image of the design
  • A brief description of the concept and how it relates to the theme
  • A physical description: dimensions and materials used (please consider type of materials used in relation to how it burns and the risk of flying embers, which may cause property damage)
  • Consider what your Leave No Trace procedure will be in the event the Burn does not occur due to fire restrictions
  • How your structure will be made safe: We take Safety seriously so please consider the safety of the environment and the participants that will be interacting with your structure. If you require  advice on this, the Arts Team can assist
  • Budget estimate (keeping the estimate as close to a budget of $8000 if possible)
  • Short artist bio.

Submit your EOI by 1 September 2019.

Looking for inspiration, words of wisdom or how to start? Check out last week’s story on What’s it like to build a Temple or this story on the Effigy and this story about the Temple of Time by long time Temple builder, David Best.


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