Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Dec 12, 2022

We want to give a ma-hoo-sive shout out to the tireless Infrastructure Team, lead by the absolute badass that is Floyd, for all their behind the scenes mahi to get the Paddock ready for an influx of hippies in six weeks.

The team recently headed to the site for a working bee – check out their mammoth achievements!

  • Installation of two 30,000 litre water tanks – but first a shipping container needed moving; and trenches for the pipeline, down the cliff and across the paddocks, needed digging. No easy feat, especially with heavy rain and boggy, soggy ground conditions. A pump was needed to pump water out of the trenches as they were being dug! This work is due to be completed in January.
  • Containers used for our year round storage were sorted, ready to be moved. Again, due to heavy rain and boggy, soggy paddocks, only three were moved (the truck got bogged and couldn’t lift the containers).
  • Composting toilets are well on their way to completion for your Paddock poopin’ enjoyment!

Thank you to Floyd and the Infrastructure Team for all the hard yakka you put in to ensure the Paddock is ready for our arrival – y’all are the bees knees and we appreciate you!

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