Onsite Crew Support Angel Needed

Oct 11, 2021

We are looking to fill many positions (just look!) but a very important one is the Onsite Crew Support role. 

This is the person who looks after the onsite crew working to set up Kiwiburn on the Paddock.The job involves everything from helping create inclusive menus to providing daily emotional support and organising crew events. Just an all-round caring crew parent would be great, thank you!!!

The key requirements for this role are:

  • Being able to be onsite from the start of January
  • Having experience and training in managing mental health issues.

This is a year round position and there will be about an hour a week required pre-January. It is quite full on in the lead up to the Burn and there is work during the Burn too. Serious, important, fulfilling work! Check out the full description here, and apply here.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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