A Massive thank you to Geveta, outgoing ExCom Secretary

Oct 11, 2021

As you could read in last week’s EFP, Kiwiburn Org has a new secretary

It would however be fair to say that the shoes that need to be filled are mighty indeed, for the amazing Geveta has been a stalwart in this role and for Kiwiburn for many years. 

She attended her first Kiwiburn back in 2012 and quickly got sucked in. After participating in bringing the Giant Weta to life both on the Playa at Black Rock City in 2016 as well as at Kiwiburn in 2017, she decided to give even more to the community and stepped into the year round role of Secretary. 

It is thanks to Geveta that we have a filing system that matches the Google Suite Drive to the structure, that documents are kept up to date and archived as necessary, that we have Asana as a system to alert facilitators and team leads what needs to be done when making the event happen year after year. Geveta was also responsible for wrangling the mad bunch of feral cats that are the rest of ExCom into holding monthly meetings. Kiwiburn has legal and legislative ducks-in-row because Geveta pulls in experts and advice when needed. She is the reason Kiwiburn is looking ship-shape and is no longer chiseling minutes on pieces of slate and alerting team leads of upcoming tasks via carrier pigeon. 

In all seriousness, thanks to you, our administration is in order, and all those hours of menial tasks that no one appreciates are keeping Kiwiburn well-oiled, organised and legal as a registered Society.  

Thank you Geveta, finally you get just a little bit of glory! 

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