Our hosts for KB ‘23: Rangitikei

Jan 23, 2023

You know what’s cool? Guitar solos, obviously.
But you know what else is cool? Paying respect to the community that allows hundreds of humans to come and inhabit their whenua for a week every January. 


We recommend you to do as much of your shopping as you can in the local Rangitīkei district. It’s one way of thanking the community for having us – and it also saves you lots of leg-room on the drive in. (In the EFP business, we call this a “win-win” scenario.)

Rangitīkei is the area that we burn in, and we owe them a lot! If you’re travelling from around the country (or around the world) you’ll find this amazing guide super helpful! Made by the Rangitīkei District Council (legends). 


Comes with an awesome list to help keep you “creative, hydrated & fed”, plus a bunch of maps of the local towns that are well-stocked with all the stuff you forgot to pack.
What else could you need? 

P.S. They’re also looking for feedback, so if there’s stuff you’d like to see in the guide, but wasn’t included, flick them an email at events@rangitikei.govt.nz and let them know how they can improve their wee digital resource!

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