Paddock Radio: online

Apr 1, 2019

Paddock Radio has come so far, it’s now online. What’s this noise you ask? Here is TripleFFF to explain what it’s all about…

Paddock Radio started as an art project for Kiwiburn about three years ago. It’s a 100% solar powered, mobile, independent radio station built out of hobby gear and slapped into the back of a house truck. It’s listener supported, crowd funded and fueled by ramen noodles and buttroll cigarettes.

Since then, I’ve traveled up and down the country hanging out at festivals, making up stupid news stories and broadcasting badly.

Recently, I’ve been asked to join Shouting Fire (radio founded by BMIR veterans), which includes live feeds from burn events and shows from Afrikaburn’s Radio Free Tankwa, and Red Earth Radio in Aussie.

Now I’m stepping up the streaming game, as until recently we were entirely offline. Basically to hear about the station, or even hear the station, you had to be right next to the truck.

I’m gonna start live streaming more often and recording podcasts and live jams. We’ve had a test run, and will now be live streaming every Sunday, 12-3pm NZT!

So please send in your Independent music to feature! Mp3s or wav file, as I can’t download from links very well in the truck.

Thanks so much for the support! Remember to email your hate mail, love letters or music, or stop by the truck wherever you find it.

Xxx TripleFFF

Check out @PaddockRadio live streaming on Facebook, on Youtube, Twitch and even Instagram. Look out for the LIVE stream updates. Cheowww!

Rainbow-clad TripleFFF stands on his housetruck-come-radio broadcaster, complete with solar panels.

Our very own cheeky Paddock Radio.
Photo credit Serena Giovanna Stevenson

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