Have you forgotten already…?

Apr 1, 2019

Well, then let us remind you 🙂

Membership: Kiwiburn still needs your membership submissions to fulfill its legal requirements. In short, because no Kiwiburn was held  in 2019, everyone’s membership, which comes automatically with ticket purchase, has lapsed. We need a minimum of 15 members in attendance at the AGM in order to remain an Incorporated Society, which is quite important. and you also need to be a member to be able to have your say.

So all you need to do is spend $15, register as a member and spend an evening with us (held online in a few months) at the AGM. Here is how to apply.

Kiwiburn 2020 Theme: Have an idea for the 2020 event’s theme? Drop us a line with your ideas! Nothing is too outrageous, silly or left field. Now is your chance to help shape next year’s event, so get your thinking caps on and tell us what you think the theme should be and why.

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