Participate = be part of something. Be a Volunteer.

Apr 22, 2022

Kiwiburn needs volunteers. 

We are purely volunteer based. Everything that happens, happens because someone gave of their time, heart, sweat and mind to make it happen. What does happen is a fabulous, ethereal bubble in space-time where the normal rules don’t hold and we all experience something transcendent. But how it happens is a lot of work over the year and during the event.

Participating as a volunteer creates the Burn, but it is also a way to become part of it. The experience of volunteers is different to that of other participants – their work is interwoven into the fabric of the Burn. 

The majority of tickets are allocated to volunteers, artists and theme camps. In an ideal world, even more ofl the tickets would go to such intensely active participants, and even more of the participants would be so intensely active. The ticket lottery is just that – a lottery. Come work and co-create Kiwiburn – there is no lottery in that.

In other words: COME AND HELP! We need an influx of willing dependable folk who can help make Kiwiburn a thing. Are you that person? Got a skill? Any Skill? Like juggling, that’s cool, we always need more jugglers. Seriously though, have a look and apply. We are currently looking for: 

Arts Facilitator 2iC
Surveying Lead
Services Facilitator 2iC
Blog Writer
Site Safety Facilitator
Site Safety Facilitator 2iC
Wellbeing Facilitator
Wellbeing Facilitator 2iC
Crew Facilitator
Electric Fencepost Writer
ARTery Lead
Kiwiburn Arts Committee Member (KAC)
Sustainability Transportation Blaster

That’s a lot of roles! You can apply for multiple roles at the same time, using this form

And if none of these feel like a fit, have a look at the org chart and see where you see yourself contributing – then email and tell us what you want to do. We will put you in touch with the relevant team. 

Let’s make it work.

Source: South China Morning Post  – Participants build a human tower at the 25th Castells Competition in Spain

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