Photography at Kiwiburn 2024

Feb 26, 2024

Speaking of photography, if you’re curious on how it went this year, read on! Famous Tim, the Kiwiburn lead photographer, has written up a summary of how it went down:

Kiwiburn 2024 photography was a whole lot easier in the dry this year. We kicked off at least a month before the event, getting expressions of interest from photographers and checking they were gonna be suitable before organising the event on the opening day. We met at Centre Camp on the Wednesday and ran through what we were looking to do, the areas to cover and basically some responsibilities.

Consent was covered and well understood. This year was the first year of yellow consent wristbands. A yellow wristband meant you are okay for official Photographers to take photos without explicit consent. If you didn’t agree with it, you just didn’t wear one. We also took the approach that if you pose for a photo, you are giving consent. This is a good rule to follow – everyone gets it. 

Attendees were able to make their choice and lots of people agreed with it, and it made the photographers lives much easier! An interesting observation was that when photographers tried wearing vests, people didn’t want photos, as soon as the vests were off, photos were no problem.

It was hard to get photos of the Art, because some of it was put up quite late. In the event, the photographers were very keen to get photos of the art, but it was honestly rather hard to find. I’m not sure that we covered it all. 

Anyway, now that the photos are in the catalogue (which took a large amount of time), the next step is to put them onto a Facebook album. It’s coming soon, keep your eyes peeled.

Image Credit: Keegan Durant

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