Playa dust is in the air!

Aug 13, 2019

Photo by Will Roger


Burning Man 2019 is now less than two weeks away, and to whet your appetite even more (as if that was necessary), here are some snippets of news and info:

Burning Man from Above

Will Roger, a devotee who has been taking pictures of the Playa from the air over the years, has just compiled some of his photographs into a stunning book. Read the article here. A long time Burner since 1994, Will became involved with Black Rock City LLC once Burning Man moved to Nevada. He soon started taking pictures from the air as he had experience in aerial photography, and has over the years created a showcase detailing the growth of Burning Man, and also the increasing sophistication of the town planning and infrastructure required. The transformation of BRC over the years to help cater to an ever growing population has made for an intriguing record of the event. Cool man.

Info about Tickets. Yes, there still are some available

For the first time ever, Burning Man is opening up STEP after the OMG sale in an effort to continue to allow circulation of tickets within the community. STEP will remain open until 20 August. See the STEP website for more details. Get them fingers tappin’.

You can also check out their notes on all things tickets, such as how to protect yourself against ticket fraud, which seems like useful info in these last few days.

How to get to the Playa? Why, the Burner Express of course!

So you scored a ticket and are getting ready to pack your crazy costumes, body paint and expandable water canister? Ideally, you will have also sorted your plane ticket. And then what? If you’re still looking at how you’re getting to Black Rock City itself, then the Burner Express is for you. If you don’t mind sharing a space with fellow Burners and are immune to what a body smells like after a week in the desert, then check it out here.  Hurry, as only a few tickets remain. It goes from/to Reno and San Francisco, and you need to book each leg separately.

Protect yourself against the Playa dust

On a more sobering note, have a look at this article about the dangers that breathing too much Playa dust can have. It gets everywhere and due to its high alkaline content can be very damaging. The air quality measured during the main event week far exceeds national standards. Still, experts agree that if you take some precautions, such as wearing masks, goggles and staying inside during the worst of a dust storm, you’re unlikely to suffer longer term ill effects. So protect yourself, drink plenty of water and duck inside if it gets too bad.

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