Prestigious Investment Banking Roles now available at Kiwiburn!

Jun 6, 2022

Got your attention? Well, fake news will do that. We are not looking for investment bankers (unless that’s your default world job, future KB Treasurer?) but we are looking for some pretty heavy weight Facilitators  for our still-to-be-renamed ExCom. All of the roles below call for experienced Burners with volunteer experience:

Wellbeing Facilitator: This human powerhouse looks after the people who look after the people. Black Sheep Rangers, Sanctuary, Consent Club, Medics – they all work together with this wonderful soul as a liaison to make your Burn bearable, free, and looked after. It helps if you understand Burn related issues such as mental health, drug use and consent culture. 

We also have a 2IC spot open for this role – so multiple applicants needed!

Crew Facilitator: This role looks after the volunteers! Volunteers are our life force, and we need them safely and efficiently wrangled, placed, looked after and connected to the other volunteers in a happy Borg-like family. This Facilitator brings all of the crew care together and looks after Volunteer Leads, Training Lead, Crew Assistance Leads, Swag Leads, Crew Processes Lead, Volunteer Hustler and the Volunteer Data Wrangler.

Treasurer: our lovely Treasurer does not manage a team. They are a lone rock star accountant (yes, what, we like this image ok?) who helps us manage our funds, budget expenditure, and record what we have done. It is literally the coolest accounting role there is, in the whole world. Ever.

To apply for a role, click here!

There are plenty more roles available, and many require less experience than those above. Check out our volunteer page and apply here!

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