Regional Round Up

Sep 30, 2019

A round up on Many of the Things not happening on our shores and some that are. Remember, if you have news you want to add to this tasty mailer flick us a line:

The environment and Burning Manconsider your impact is a series of blog posts on the Burning Man Journal which asks you to consider just that. Notable-entries-that-can-potentially-be-applied-Kiwiburn include:

If you were wondering where Burning Man was at after the environmental impact report, check out this sustainability roadmap.

Straight from the New York Times (warning, geek level: high). Nobel prize winning economist does Burning Man and has incredibly intelligent insights (it’s a looonggg read).

this may or may not be true… a long as podcast about Burning Man is and isn’t from the eyes Accuracy Third Podcast. Good for inspiration to save up to visit the Mother Ship, or, git yourself to a Regional!

Did you go to Black Rock City this year? Folk are looking for feedback on camp placement.

Burning Seed is almost over! Our Top Secret Spies tell us that the Aussies have been derailed and Kiwis have taken over the crew. Karl is mostly stable, unlike the Temple which went up in smoke. By all accounts, it was a veritable zoo out there. The righteous Leave No Trace crew will be sticking around to clean up every sparkle and hopefully, no doo-doos in the woods (which, we’ve been told, has been one hell of an issue in previous years). Here’s a link to Facey if you want to stay updatey.

Missed out on a ticket to Kiwiburn? Worry no longer! Now you can go without actually going and bring the Principles to your party. It’s the offer of a life time! Read the original (American-centric) article here. Oh, you’d like some examples for not-party-times? Well! What about Wellington conversations (recently launched), connect with a local community garden, or your local timebank initiative (engage in Radical Self-Reliance and use Google for your local needs). Other things: volunteer, join a beach clean up, dance when everybody is watching, or not. Don’t know what the Principles are? Get learned!

And finally…

Some eerie and cool pictures.


Oh oh oh! PS! Looky Looky!

Have a nosy at the New Burners’ Global Leadership Conference, it will be held in Reno, Nevada, USA, 6-9 May 2020 – save the date and apply now!

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