“We’re not competition, baby, I’m the only one that does what I do.”

Sep 30, 2019

Cha-ching, help to bring Paddock Radio to the Paddock in 2020! 

Paddock Radio is a solar powered, not for profit radio art project that plays 100% submitted content. He is fundraising to bring the bangin’ tunes and great vibes to Kiwiburn and other festivals in 2020.

While much of the equipment already exists, they need to raise 1500 huck to fill your ears with glory and deep husky tones. DONATE to make the magic happen. A little or a lot, you know you want to.

Paddock Radio has been involved in Kiwiburn since ages ago and travels around (sometime staying in one place), broadcasting LIVE during the year. If you tune in on the Paddock, you’ll be the first to hear the latest misinformation, witness the low riding surprises and hear All the Hits from the privacy of where ever you are.

Don’t forget your radio!

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