Registrations are Re-Open!

Sep 26, 2022

If you fell asleep and forgot to register, you can do it now! If you want to jump into the back of the STEP queue, or if you’re registering for a reserve ticket (artists, Theme Camps, crew etc.) hop on over here and get yourself registered. 

You’ll still need to fill in our short Community Survey to activate your profile – we assure you, it’s quick (mostly) and painless, and completely anonymous.

Don’t forget:

  • If you want a chance at a reserve ticket as an artist, you must register your Art before 15 October.
  • If you’re part of a Theme Camp and want a chance at reserve tickets for your Camp, you need to have it registered by 5 October.
  • If you missed out on the lottery, like, waaaay missed out, yet you can’t quite get your head around not being on the Paddock for Kiwiburn 2023, take a gander at our volunteer roles.

Image credit: Kasai Photography

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