Who got the Golden Tickets?!

Sep 26, 2022

Well… the lottery is out the gate!

It certainly was a different year! There were a lot of changes to the general sale and ticketing process this year. The biggest change was bringing the Burner profiles into Kiwiburn which helps make the whole process much more efficient. It did pose some challenges for the IT and Ticketing teams, but the hardworking souls powered through and made it happen!

Some stats for you stats lovers:

  • There were a total of 2,897 people who entered the lottery. In previous years, we’ve had around 4,400 – 4,800 people trying to purchase at the time of the general sale
  • Of these people, 584 received the extra 15% weighting from the Burn that never was but is yet to be (1,055 were eligible but not everyone took up the offer!)
  • There were 248 people who registered but did not complete the community survey or enter the lottery
  • 920 lottery tickets were allocated to the first 460 lottery winners
  • 18 hours after the lottery went out, 212 of those 920 lottery tickets had been purchased, leaving another 708 to be nabbed

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

  • The indicative demand (based on 2,987 lottery entries wanting to purchase two tickets each) for tickets this year is a whopping 5,974. There were 920 lottery tickets available, which is about a 1 in 6.5 chance of a ticket
  • Once the dust settles, we reckon the odds of scoring a ticket will sit around 3.25:1. If you’re in the queue at around 350 – 450, it’s quite possible (anything is possible, right?) that you’ll get an offer in round 2!
  • Reserve tickets (for artists, Theme Camps, Crew etc.) make up 60% of all of Kiwiburn’s 2023 tickets (these will be sent out on or close to 7 November)
  • Note that if you’re allocated a reserve ticket, you can still be in the lottery, but only 1 ticket will be allocated to you if you win

Those of you who got one of the coveted round one lottery emails, listen up! You have one week to purchase your ticket/s. This means your offer will expire at around 7:30pm on Thursday 29 September (two days from now) and the offer will go to the next person in the queue. After round one, the purchase window drops to 48 hours. So if you’re below 450ish in the queue, watch your inboxes on Friday 30 September for your golden ticket.

A massive thank you to our incredible ticketing team for making this behemoth undertaking work smoothly! And if you want to know how we randomised the ticket allocation, check out this video!

Image credit: Peter Jennings

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