Reminder for Temple and Effigy EOI

May 25, 2020

photo by Andy Flint

Temple and Effigy 2021 Applications are closing 31 May

The due date to submit Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to design the 2021 Temple and Effigy is rapidly approaching – make sure you get your applications in by 31 May.

Don’t worry if you haven’t quite figured out how to make your idea work – you don’t need to have all the logistics sorted out as we’re really looking for exciting (though nevertheless plausible!) ideas at this point. It does need to stand up safely for the duration of Kiwiburn, to burn down when that time arrives, and it should cost less than $8000 – the rest is up to you.

So if you’ve ever found yourself standing on the Paddock, staring off into space and thinking “wow, this castle in my mind would look amazing right here and on fire,” the Kiwiburn Arts Committee wants to hear from you. For more information, including example applications and a guide we use to choose which concept to turn into reality, take a look here.

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