Changes in ExCom – A Note from the Acting Chair

May 25, 2020

Brace yourselves, it’s a long one, 

Lots of changes are afoot within Kiwiburn as we farewell four members of ExCom.  

Carvy, Safety Facilitator, retired from ExCom in March after stepping into the breach last year, contributing significant time and expertise to help review our Health, Safety, and Wellbeing practices, and to maintain a high level of safety for our volunteers and participants during KB20. Carvy will assist with the handover to the new Safety Facilitator once recruited. Thank you!

Diia Bourke, Arts Facilitator joined ExCom early 2019, and promptly led a review of all aspects of the Arts department structure and processes leading up to the 2020 event. Since then, along with her 2IC, Jasmin, and the Events Management Team, Diia has put in place further improvements for next year and beyond. She will be handing over to Jake Schultz who has just been appointed as our new Arts Facilitator. Thanks Diia, and welcome on board, Jake!

Jasmine Hunter, Services Facilitator is a long time Kiwiburner, joining ExCom as Chair in 2018 before following her passion and transitioning to Services Facilitator. Jasmine has been heavily involved as Team Lead roles such for Gate and Ticketing, onsite as a Site Manager, and undertaking various roles within Operations and Event Management. The tremendous amount of time and commitment Jasmine has given to Kiwiburn over many years is appreciated, and although she is stepping down from ExCom, Jasmine intends to keep contributing through various onsite or sub-committee roles and a handover to the new Services Facilitator. Thank you!

Shelley Watson, Communications Facilitator, set her intention last year to step down once she had built up a solid team and had a replacement for the role, and in exciting news, Julia Damrow, current 2IC of the Communications team is stepping up to the role. Shelley has contributed significantly during her many years with Kiwiburn since first designing the logo in late 2006 (going back to the Mangakino days), being part of ExCom on two occasions, being the resident Graphic Designer, setting up the Art Grants Sub-Committee, creating the Media Sub-Committee, acting as Media Liaison, and taking on the Communications Facilitator role responsible for an ever growing team. Over the years Shelley has significantly increased and improved Kiwiburn’s interactions with the community through various social media channels, and was a founding member of Auckland Burners. Shelley has also represented Kiwiburn at Burning Man gatherings, and was part of the team which built The Giant Weta and took it to the playa in 2016. Shelley will remain as an advisor during handover and will also continue to contribute in various non-ExCom roles. Thank you for volunteering within so many areas aspects of the organisation, evolving and and adapting as the structure of Kiwiburn has changed over time. Your time, skills and energy are very much appreciated.

On behalf of Kiwiburn and all members of our community I want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all four retiring ExCom members for the time and effort they have put in and the sacrifices they have made. You are all AMAZING – thank you. You will be missed on ExCom but we look forward to seeing you on the Paddock enjoying the fruits of your labour.


New Appointments to ExCom – Welcome Julia and Jake

As noted above, we have two new ExCom members, Julia Damrow our new Communications Facilitator Jake Schultz our new Arts Facilitator. Julia and Jake, on behalf of ExCom and the community, welcome to the ExCom team and a big thank you for volunteering your time and service. We look forward to your creative input to the development of Kiwiburn for 2021 and beyond.

– Andy, Acting Chair

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