Safety Facilitator Needed

Jun 8, 2020

Kiwiburn can only happen because a dedicated team of volunteers spend part of their Burn helping us all to avoid impaling ourselves on stray tent pegs, or suffering harm should the Effigy unexpectedly set fire to precariously stacked bales of hay… and these volunteers rely on someone to organise their efforts year-round: the Safety Facilitator. This person works with the Black Sheep Rangers, Site Managers, Health and Safety experts, and others, to keep all our limbs where they should be while we’re having fun.

Currently this role is vacant, leaving us all at risk of dreadful misadventure. If you have a passion for both safety and the Burner community; experience working collaboratively (especially online) and managing a team of people with varying workloads and priorities; are familiar with Health and Safety guidelines; and are comfortable learning and using software, then your Kiwiburn community needs you! Check out a full job description here and apply by filling in this form.

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