Services Facilitator Needed

Jun 8, 2020

The Services Facilitator is Kiwiburn’s coordinator extraordinaire. They work with each of the Team Leads for our Depot, Gate, Greeters, Ticketing, and Town Hall departments, while also ensuring these teams combine into a functioning whole. It is essentially a project management role, and requires someone with excellent time management and leadership skills. The Services Facilitator also has a seat on ExCom and is responsible for working with the Team Leads to produce the policies and documents Kiwiburn relies upon.

This role is currently vacant, and we need a talented person to step in to make sure Kiwiburn’s services are working successfully together by the time we all arrive on the Paddock next January. If you have experience managing and motivating a team and want to help make Kiwiburn awesome, check out a description of the position here and apply online by filling in this form.

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