Sanitation Needs You!

Nov 21, 2022

Ever dreamed of being a badass, grime fighting superhero? Are you ready to be number one at number two? Sanitation needs volunteers to join their team for some next level sh*t.

This highly sought after on-site role involves:

  • Pimping out the toilets to keep people invested in the betterment of their defecation facilities.
  • Monitoring the toilets throughout the event to ensure they remain an enjoyable experience for all involved.
  • Monitoring the hand sanitiser stations and keeping them overflowing with creamy goodness.
  • Maintaining the compostable loos (lifting buckets of up to 20kg and emptying these into the worm farms).
  • Mostly taking it easy and stopping to enjoy the immense privileges of being Waste Mafia along the way.

Be the hero the Paddock deserves and volunteer for 2023 – we’ll all have a pretty sh*tty time without you.

Image credit: Julien Maculan

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