Seeking: Cultural Safety Co-Lead

Nov 21, 2022

The Community team are searching for a Co-Lead for this exciting new role – a role that will make a significant difference in the experience of the participants at Kiwiburn.

The ideal Cultural Safety Co-Lead is someone who is committed to making the Paddock a space that is radically inclusive and safe for each and every one of our community members. This important role involves having open ears (and an open heart) while collaborating with the community to make Kiwiburn a place where humans of all cultures are able to be however they want to be. Radical Self-expression yo!

The ultimate goal is to make this role obsolete, so if you think you’ve got the passion to educate, learn, share, engage, and encourage everyone to better standards, mosey on over here for the full job description and get your application in here.

Image credit: Alice Peperell

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