Say hi to our new Theme Camp Coordinator

Dec 4, 2023

Rat recently joined the KB crew, taking on the role of Theme Camp Coordinator. They’ve got a passion for Theme Camps and, we’re sure, will be an excellent addition to the Theme Camp Team!

Kia ora!
Ko Rat tōku ingoa

This will be my 4th Kiwiburn, and 9th Burn!
I’ve taken on the role of Theme Camp Coordinator because I’m foaming at the mouth (it’s not rabies, I promise) to be involved with bringing to life all of the wonders that Theme Camps offer. As the benevolent dictator of R.A.T, I appreciate all the mahi it takes to create and bring a Theme Camp to Paddock. 

I go feral for anything that glows under UV light, so if you need to find me or some of my ratty associates, we’ll be easily spotted by our matching neon pink and yellow hair. 

Love u x0x0
Rat (he/they)

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