STEP opens this Saturday

Sep 30, 2019

Be ready: STEP opens this weekend on 5 October at 10am

STEP be the place where you can sell your unwanted or surplus tickets, and subsequently buy those hot tamales if you did not succeed in the original sale. For more on how STEP works and what it is, see here. 

Access STEP here

Check out the Kiwiburn website for more details and make sure you have a Kiwiburner Profile. You will not be able to secure a ticket without one.

Happy trading and remember:

  • Each person can request up to two Adult Tickets
  • You must register to get into the queue. You can track your position once registered.
  • If offered a ticket, you must respond within 24 hours or you will miss out. If this happens, you can register again, but you will go to the back of the queue.

It is anticipated that the queue will more slowly at the beginning, but this will pick up speed. Be patient and keep monitoring your position and inbox if you’re close.


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