Temple EOI Intro

Mar 18, 2024

Attention all visionary creators and passionate artisans! The call echoes loud and clear for monumental expressions of artistry to grace the landscape of Kiwiburn 25. 

We crave the grandeur of YOUR imagination, manifested in a magnificent Temple structure that will ignite the spirit and captivate the senses. Have you dreamt of crafting a colossal masterpiece, infusing every fiber of your being into its creation, and then burning it? This is your golden opportunity to make that dream a reality, with a supportive community ready to lend their expertise and guidance. 

While we can’t promise to spare you from the sweat and toil, rest assured, you won’t be alone in your endeavour. Join us in shaping an unforgettable experience, where passion meets purpose.

If you are interested in submitting your idea for the Temple, please fill out an EOI HERE.

Image Credit: Keegan Durant

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