The ExCom has restructured

Sep 9, 2017

Kiwiburn is growing. Which means changes are afoot. And one of those changes is the way Kiwiburn is managed over the course of the year. There’s a lot of (generally unseen) work happening year-round by hard-working volunteers, allowing us all to spend five days basking in the sun in a paddock each January.

After much discussion, and a bit of looking to see how overseas Burns are managing their growth, Kiwiburn’s Executive Committee (ExCom) voted to make some changes in the way it operates. ExCom has traditionally had three officers – Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – a requirement of being an Incorporated Society as well as an ever-changing  number of committee members, mostly greater than three.

Starting from 1 September 2017, there is the three officers together with six facilitators, who will work with the leads of the 30 or so teams of volunteers which make Kiwiburn run, ensuring they have the people, information and resources they need to function.

The facilitators will each be associated with one of six groups of teams:

  • Administration
  • Arts/Theme Camps
  • Communications
  • Crew
  • Operations
  • Site Safety.

This new structure is expected to move ExCom away from discussing and making decisions at every level, and into a central communications hub, also, reducing the workload of individual volunteers, enabling each ExCom member’s workflows to become both smaller and more well defined.

Also. Go volunteer. Kiwiburn needs you!


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