The Hub Wants Your Events!

Nov 27, 2023

Everyone knows Centre Camp, it’s conveniently located, yep you guessed it, right in the centre of the paddock!

Given its prominent placement on the Paddock, it’s been the perfect place to hold positively praiseworthy events.  Well for Kiwiburn 2024 and beyond, Centre Camp has had an upgrade!

Please welcome ‘The Hub’ to the Paddock. The Hub is made up of 4 areas, ARTery, Centre Stage, Centre Camp and The Depot.

What’s even more exciting is that there are now not 1, but 3 wicked spots for you to host events. Yes, the ARTery, Centre Stage and Centre Camp can all be booked for events. They have a range of amenities to make your events happen, like power, a stage, seating or lighting. How awesome is that?

So take your event to the next level and host it in The Hub!

If you’re keen to host an event in one of the 3 awesome areas, check out the deets right here.

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