The Kiwiburn 2024 Weather Report

Jan 22, 2024

Curious on what the weather will look like on the Paddock this year? So are we! Let us present to you, the Kiwiburn 2024 weather report!

So far, we hear that those lucky individuals who are already on site have been getting rained on most days.

Looking forward to the actual burn event dates, the temperature is forecast to drop on Wednesday. Most days are looking to be around the low 20s. There is some rain expected on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Of course, this can and does change, so expect the unexpected. The most important thing here is to practice that ever important burner principle, radical self-reliance. Come prepared for any weather, cold, wet or warm, and you won’t be caught out!

Rain jackets and gumboots should be on your packing list too, especially after last year’s mud-burn!

That wraps up this year’s weather report, for more on the weather, watch the skies when you get to the Paddock!

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