The many Universes of Burning Man – Multiverse

Aug 3, 2020

Meanwhile, Burning Man Multiverse – the online version of this year’s event – is splitting, mutating and evolving. It has birthed eight universes and the separate Temple Experience – each virtual space an experiment in relating to each other and the 10 Principles in new, weird and exciting ways. Don’t forget that you can travel to BM from the comfort of your armchair this year (for a fully immersive experience, cover yourself with dust from your vacuum cleaner). Plug in, log on, and be part of something unprecedented.

Burning Man Multiverse is not limited to a particular region of space time – the universes are already here, and while some will run events over August/September, others are planning a more long term existence. Visit the strange and impossible multiverse of Burning Man and be part of the experiment!

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