Ticket Refunds – Correction

Oct 12, 2020

Please take note if you are buying a ticket from someone else: In last week’s article about the STEP process, we said that: “If you’re lucky enough to find a friend who’s willing to transfer their ticket to you outside of the STEP queue, make sure they transfer it to you via Quicket AND put the ticket under your name, as Kiwiburn will only refund tickets to their official owner (in the event COVID or any other circumstances forces a cancellation).”

Please note that this is not in fact accurate – Kiwiburn’s official ticketer Quicket is only able to refund the credit card which was originally used to purchase the ticket, or the most recent STEP purchaser. So if you are buying a Kiwiburn ticket via a private Quicket transfer, and you later need to request a refund, Quicket would refund the money to the original purchaser and you would need to arrange with them to transfer the money to you.

You should still make sure any ticket you intend to use is registered to your name – this is a requirement in order to get into Kiwiburn – but please take heed that refunds for ticket transfers outside STEP can only be paid to the original purchaser. 

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