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Oct 12, 2020

“Language creates reality. Words have power.” Deepak Chopra

Here in the Comms Team, we think about words a lot! And we know that words have the power to shape our thoughts, our actions and ultimately our reality. So to this end, we are changing our words: from now onward, we are using “participate in Kiwiburn” instead of “go  to Kiwiburn” as a reminder that Kiwiburn is something that we make, not just visit.

So, are you lucky enough to be participating in Kiwiburn this year? 

What are you bringing/making/offering/creating? Not sure yet? Well, volunteering is one of the most helpful and rewarding ways of participating. A tiny reminder that there are two types of volunteering

  1. You can volunteer on-site during the event in a myriad of ways, from rangering, to (wo)manning Gate, to MOOP management. If you want to know more about the kinds of roles available, check out the website. The calls for on-site volunteers are going to be going out soon, watch this space! 
  2. You can also volunteer for one of our year-round roles, like Town Planning, Safety, or Crew Management – or even writing this newsletter*. Those positions are advertised on the website and we always need someone – check out the current openings! Year round volunteers are particularly important, as the only way Kiwiburn can look to increase ticket numbers is if there are more participants helping out all year. The call-out for Crew Assistance Volunteers in this newsletter is one of these, and it’s a really important one – check it out!

Volunteering can be the highlight of your Burn, and the job you do can create the magical Burn experience for others . Try it. You’ll love it.

*Nah just kidding, newsletter is taken.

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