Ticketing update

Jan 18, 2016

Saturday’s ticket sale didn’t go quite as planned! Kiwiburn is well and truly oversold. Maybe there were ghosts in the machine, or Mercury being in retrograde is playing havoc with technology. Whatever the cause, ALL THE OVERSOLD TICKETS WILL BE HONOURED. Every cent of the money from tickets goes into making this and future events happen; from security, portable toilets, medics etc, to helping fund art on the Paddock. Kiwiburn will be using some of the funds to increase all resources on site to accommodate the increased population because you’ll be wanting clean toilets and enough space to set up camp.

Now there are more of us we need you to step and volunteer as we’ll be needing more help. Gate, Greeters and Paddock Relief require more people to do shifts – is this you? Do the volunteer quiz and read more about the roles on our website – it’s rewarding and fun being part of the teams. Is it your first burn? Please read the Guiding Principles and learn about our culture. Everyone please read the Survival Guide to get an idea of what to bring and how to self-care. And veteran burners, please help explain the culture to your burgin friends.

Not long until we’re on the Paddock – let’s make this the best Kiwiburn ever, because with 1453 of us, it’s going to be the biggest ever!

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